Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Not very surprising

The insurance industry won its first defense of the provisions in homeowners' policies that exclude flooding.

I'm not surprised at all, and I don't think that anyone should be. This has been a well set precident for years and years. Private insurers left the flood market for the most part, as the problem was too catastrophic to insure. The federal government stepped in, and now we have the NFIP. Thank goodness, and thank goodness that New Orleanians were better insured from a flood perspective than practically any other major metropolitan area in the US.

ABC News: Homeowners lose Katrina insurance flood case

Off the subject but of great importance…..Clayton James Cubitt http://operationeden.blogspot.com/2006/08/katrina-every-day.html will be here over the next week making portraits of survivors for use in public service announcements highlighting the need to reach out for help when it all gets to be too much. Anyone who would like to participate, contact: travelingmermaid@gmail.com
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