Saturday, August 12, 2006


Fairgrounds stepping up

Good to see the Fairgrounds stepping up and working towards becoming a national attraction for horse-racers and horse-racing fans alike.

Fair Grounds Offers Record Stakes Purses in First Post-Katrina Meet

Nice Blog,

Unless that was you there I urge you to take part in the discussions at this community. It is very popular, especially with the New Orleanians of all stripes. It also a great place to poll the community with quick questions and get tons of feedback.

The community is New Orleans or:

My belief is that to get real transparency in our government and in our planning process we need to get the young folks involved and up to speed on the new paradigms. Teaching only civics in school and not smart growth and new urbanism concepts is like teaching our kids to count to ten without teaching them arithmetic, algebra and calculus and then expecting them to make it in this world.

Help us get those concepts out there! Create an account on live journal and help build a community, an educated community.


Please quit with the comment spam. I appreciate that you're working hard on what you think is right, but putting up random comments that have nothing to do with the post doesn't help anything.

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