Thursday, July 13, 2006


I can't think of an appropriate title for this...

I really don't know how to process this. I'm mostly astonished that somebody would be so uncompassionate? There's no way that this guy has been on the streets of New Orleans, seen the situation first-hand, and could still spew this kind of rhetoric.

'Black Culture' Blamed for Hurricane Katrina Woes -- 07/13/2006

Rev. Grant Storm, who is the Caucasian minister and president of Conservative Christians for Reform, echoed Peterson's view. "The mentality of 'government's going to bail me out. Where's the government?'" is "in the black culture," Storm said. "The mentality is instilled within their churches and in their homes -- of 'the government owes you, the government is your solution, and the government will come and help you.'

"When the government doesn't come and help them, frankly all they do is yap and complain," said Storm, instead of "saying 'Hey, I better go get a job, I better go on my own, I better go find an apartment, I better go take care of myself and my family."

They are waiting for more FEMA money, they are waiting for more relief money and it ain't coming, or it's coming slow; meanwhile, the surrounding parishes -- the predominantly white parishes -- they are rebuilding on their own, and the same way in the Gulf of Mississippi," said Storm. "Orleans -- they still don't have their flooded cars off the streets."

Storm also noted that people living in project housing prior to its destruction from Hurricane Katrina are now demanding that the government quickly rebuild and return them to their old homes. One woman, Storm noted, is a 30-year resident of the projects who is threatening to sue the government. "Now what in the heck is she doing in the housing projects for 30 years? It's like they own them, but they don't own them," he said. "The government owns them, and that's the mentality."

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