Monday, June 12, 2006


What is the world coming to???

First, Galatoire's opens a restaurant in Baton Rouge. BATON ROUGE!!! The anti-New Orleans. Surely a sign of the apocalypse. Then, I get this from yesterday's newspaper?
Commander's Palace, which is scheduled to reopen in August, is diversifying
geographically by launching a new restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas (story here)

Oh, the horror....

Well, at least Armstrong Lamar might be happy about this!

JJ Shabadoo
yeah, i heard about that a while ago. i don't know how well it is going to do here. there are only a few "premier" restaurants here and they are never very full when I go. i don't think it is going to be called commanders though, and it is mainly going to focus on seafood.

-Armstrong Lamar
Really, Corpus isn't a hotbed for fine dining...hmm...I heard otherwise.

JJ Shabadoo
They already have one in Vegas, so nothing's been sacred for quite a while...
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