Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Seriously now folks

I realize that I'm probably less of an animal lover than most, but this is getting rather ridiculous. First of all, they are animals. Secondly, if they were that important, why didn't you make evacuation plans that included them?

Woman sues Bloomington humane society seeking dog lost in Katrina

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. A New Orleans woman separated from her dog during Hurricane Katrina has sued the Humane Society of Central Illinois to get her pet back.

Fight continues over Katrina dog

Master Tank and Nila were rescued by the Pinellas Humane Society from the St. Bernard Parish of New Orleans in Katrina’s aftermath last September. Soon after, the two dogs were adopted by two Tampa Bay area residents who have refused to return them.

Yes they are animals, but so are we.

We have four cats... we run, they go with us. To us, they are our kids. We are all friends, and life without them would be intolerable. It is our responsibility to take care of them in a Human world. (Call it a form of the Social Contract that is being disreguarded by current Society.)

Now in this woman's case: she left the dog. The new owners have rights and obviously they care for the critters. She loses, no matter what.
I can come up with lots of reasons why you would wind up leaving a pet behind. The following is all true. I don't think we left any of our pets but we could have...

My mother's cat ran away 3 weeks before Katrina. She had never run away before and I have to assume she slipped out and was hit by a car or something but suppose the kitty went on a vacation of her own. Just in case...I have looked for her but mulling through THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of black, tan and brown cats on multiple sites is not easy. My mother lost everything and still worries about her cat. If I could give her that one thing back I would sure fight in a court to do so.

Our own cat was very old and sick when Katrina hit. My husband and I discussed the fact that we did not think she would live through an evacuation. We talked about putting lots of food and water out for her and she would be fine for couple of days on her own. On Saturday, when we left most people thought they would be back Monday or Tuesday - no one expected it to be weeks at that time. Our problem was that I had just had a baby (8/24/06) and knew we would be gone more than a couple of days. If the storm had missed the area entirely I still was not going to get right back in the car and run home. A C-section ruled that out. So, we took the cat as far as Mississippi and left her with my husband's parents. We were right, she died the day after Katrina hit. Just last week my 3 year old son said we needed to go to the pet store to get a "new Leko". You know, his first word was "cat" and his second was "leko". If I could return her to him I sure would.

With the new baby and a 3 year old our car was more than packed to the gills. The year before we had taken our two vehicles when we left for Ivan. I had the dog and the kid - my husband's truck had most of our stuff. This time I could not drive at all. We left the truck behind and did not have room for the dog. My mother was able to fit her in so she escaped as well. Had it not been for my mother I don't know how we would have gotten the yellow lab out.
Thank god we did.

One thing about Katrina - nothing is ever as simple as it might seem.
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