Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Do you trust the Corps of Engineers blindly?

or should there be more oversight of the work that they do? It appears that our Senators are trying to push through a measure that would loosen the oversight of the Corps, allowing them to build projects as they see fit. Doesn't it seem obvious to everybody else that we should have an independent team looking at these projects beforehand, lest we all flood again?

Full story here

I rarely comment on editorials but this one hit a cord with me. When an agency made mistakes, why does the goverment feel the need to give them more rope to hang themselves? I especially liked the point that there are many areas which common sense dictate should NOT be developed, never should have been developed and should not be re-developed. Why on earth do you develop an area surrounded by water that is below sea level? The levee system gave people a false sense of security that is costing the American taxpayers a fortune. Can someone with a a clue please take control of a difficult situation?
"One boy is a boy, two boys are a half a boy, and three boys are no boys at all"

Centralized planning doesn't work!!

If the levy is in my back yard, I am responsible.

Bill Pattee
Fairfax, VA
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