Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Nice Jazzfest piece

from the NYTimes Travel pages. My favorite passage follows, as it is so illustrative of the people who come each and every year...

Lindsay Sablosky works in San Francisco's publishing industry but said she looks forward to the festival as a gathering of her "Jazzfest family." Her group of college friends and assorted hangers-on chose Jazzfest as an annual gathering spot in 1988, and have returned every year when the Fairground gates open for two weekends of music. The group rents a house in the Uptown neighborhood and spends the days between the festival soaking up New Orleans culture through its clubs and restaurants.

"The core group has about 18 to 20 people and they're from New York, North Carolina, Los Angeles, the Bay Area" said Ms. Sablosky, 42. "In an average year we have a dozen come out. It's good to see old friends, but we could rent a place in the mountains and it would be the same. We come here for the music. In 18 years, it's never disappointed."

And it's written by a local boy.
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