Friday, May 05, 2006


I must be hanging out at the wrong bars...

From a interview

A few hours after the interview was over, we got a call from The Edge's
guitar technician saying the musician was going to a few bars off the beaten
path and might be coaxed into a jam session with a local band. Would we want to
go? He asked.

We went to Bank Street Bar first. At most, there may have been 30
people inside. The Edge came in and greeted folks, then played a few songs for
what must have been one of his smallest audiences in decades.

Then we moved on to Maple Leaf, another music joint, where The Edge
hung out with a wildly talented trombone player from New Orleans named Trombone Shorty, who at 20, is already a legend.

Ezrin, the one-time Pink Floyd producer, said The Edge has enough clout
to move mountains. But the night I saw The Edge jamming, I got the impression
he's happy just doing what he can to help lift this battered city's struggling

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