Monday, February 20, 2006


Quick Hits de Rigeur

If you ever get an invitation that says "Costume de Rigeur", it means white bow tie, white vest, and tails. Just a friendly bit of info there. Don't go wearing something else, they might not let you in.

Anyhow, here's the rest of the stuff I have learned the past few days.

New Orleans East has its own website, and it's pretty good. Good info, and presented in an interesting manner.

The Broadmoor neighborhood has its own website too, and it is pretty well done. If you live in this neighborhood, please register on the site with your intentions regarding repopulation, etc.

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives found the time to make it down for a visit. One also found it in them to send an aide along for the trip, so count three members as getting more info and a first-hand look. It's a start, though, and I hear that more are planning on making the trip in March.

The New York times weighs in with a pretty good piece about Mardi Gras, but I find the writing lacking, especially towards the end of the article. Illustrated by the ending quote in the article:

The route said: A lot of work remains for this city with no money. But the
parades said: Yes, but this is Mardi Gras. Grab yourself some beads.

Huh? Wtf was that? There is a picture in there of my good friend's dad and their kids in it, so scroll through the slideshow if you've got a few moments.

Slidell feels like the forgotten city. I've read a lot about this from the Mississippi gulf coast, too, and you know what? Too bad. If it weren't for New Orleans getting flooded as severely as it did, the world would have never really noticed in the first place, simply because the news cycle would have ended. Destruction, then over. There's very little noteworthy about cleanup, ask Homestead, FL. The story in New Orleans was hurricane, then flooding, then Superdome and Convention Center, then busses, then flooding again, you get the idea. The news cycle here developed and changed.

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