Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Katrina, the bead

Would you want to catch one of these??? Seriously, I would like anybody's opinion on this one. I'm not sure it's something that people would like, yet it might be an interesting keepsake. Thoughts???

GULFPORT - Manny Peixoto, owner of Mardi Gras Supplies in Gulfport, is quick to admit that he very nearly put the kibosh on a unique Carnival trinket, one that thus far is his best seller in 2006.

"When Rebekah (Musgrove, manager of the Pass Road store) came to me, I said, 'No, we've got enough beads,' but she kept on, and I finally said, 'OK, do what you want.'

What she wanted was to send along a Hurricane Katrina bead design to manufacturers in China. The product of her creativity is a 42-inch strand of shiny blue-green beads punctuated by a pair of comma-shaped hurricane emblems in red, green and gold. The center pendant shows a third "hurricane" coming ashore along the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The words "Hurricane Katrina," the landfall date, "08/29/05" and abbreviations of state names are in raised letters and numbers across the face of the pendant.

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no thank you.
It doesn't light up, so I'm not interested. But I bet you could trade it to someone for a Zulu coconut or a Krewe D'Etat bead, so it may be a good bargaining chip.
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