Friday, February 03, 2006


Facinating New Orleans Stats

A friend forwarded this to me from New Orleans Health & Human Services:

There were 891 emergency/acute care patients treated in area emergency rooms with 330 new admissions. There is currently a 60 minute off-load time except at Turo Hospital, there is currently not a wait.
There are 51 adult, 32 pediatric, and 8 psychiatric beds available in the area.
Tulane Hospital is still scheduled to open on 14 Feb 06. They will have 63 fully staffed beds, 13 emergency room beds and 39 med-surg beds.

The responded to 58 calls in the last 24 hours with 36 transports. 66% of calls were medical and 31% were trauma related.

Crews continue to inspect water mains.
They are still repairing and constructing emergency disconnects.
Crews repaired the leak at Louisiana and Claiborne, it was caused by Wednesday nights storm.
They have found no leaks on the St. Charles parade route.
They are still waiting on an EMAC response.

442 crews worked in the last 24 hours.
They collected 23,000 cubic yards of woody waste material. The total is 6.2 million cubic yards of woody waste collected to date. That is 42% complete not including demolition.
In the last 24 hours 2000 white goods for a total of 413,000 collected to date.
To date, 1.1 million containers of household hazardous containers have been collected.
The Army Corps of Engineers has been tasked to collect waste tires.

In the last 24 hours there were 74 arrests made. 19 arrests were for traffic violations, 16 were drug related, 8 were for public drunkenness, 6 for immigration violations, 2 for aggravated assaults, 2 for domestic violence, and 34 arrests were made this morning. They spoke with the medical staff and they will handle the medical check-ups for persons in custody before being taken to jail. Deputies are accompanying inmates to medical treatments in Baton Rouge and Homer, and this is putting a strain on their numbers.

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