Friday, February 10, 2006


Bush crony tries to cover incompetence by shifting blame

Might he be playing the blame game? Seriously, should we believe that this guy warned the president about impending disaster before the storm, when he seemed unaware of the magnitude of the damage after the storm?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former federal disaster chief Michael Brown told a Senate panel on Friday he had warned President George W. Bush that New Orleans was facing catastrophe the day before Hurricane Katrina struck.
Brown said he warned top administration officials on the call that a disaster was looming and that the government should go on top alert and cut through red tape in its response. "I knew in my gut this was the bad one," he said
He said he believed he had had a good relationship with Bush, but added: "Unfortunately he called me "Brownie" at the wrong time. Thanks a lot sir," he said, to laughter.
Brown said he had not sought to brief Chertoff directly because it would have "wasted my time."
Utah Republican Sen. Robert Bennett responded: "That is a staggering statement. It demonstrates a dysfunctional department to a degree far greater than any we have seen."

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