Thursday, February 02, 2006


Big storm last night

There was quite a line of severe weather last night that blew through between 2-4am. I got us out of bed and into the interior hallway about 2:30 and we were there until 3 as there was a tornado warning from avondale, through our neighborhood, and then into Lake Catherine (which I still need to figure out where that is). The heavy winds passed, and I don't believe we had a twister in our area. I can't say that for other parts of town, including Kenner and Lakeview.

In Kenner, the hole that Katrina ripped open over Concourse C is re-opened, and other damage was suffered including one jetway being ripped off of a concourse and thrown into another jetway. No planes on the ground were damaged. A few FEMA trailers in a staging site were overturned, but there are no reports of occupied trailers having problems. They are strapped down with big metal straps, and while they got rocked around, no reports of occupied trailers being knocked down. Two blocks of Williams Blvd are closed near the interstate due to downed power lines, and other damage including many lights out around Kenner. There are many downed trees, power lines, toppled cars and 18-wheelers. A building collapsed, but search and rescue teams found that it was unoccupied.

In Lakeview, there appears to have been a twister or waterspout that came on land that came through already destroyed Lakeview, and knocked a communications tower from the police troop building (right next to the driver's license bureau at West End & Veterans) is knocked onto Veterans Blvd. Many more people in FEMA trailers were living in this neighborhood, but have seemed to weather the storm ok. There is lots of debris in the streets again, and the Army Corps of Engineers is already back in the neighborhoods clearing the streets again.

The above comes from listening to WWL 870 on my way into work, and right now streaming. Go to, and join their club you can stream online and they'll have reports throughout the day.

On the way in to work, there was the usual crap on the street, but on my walk from parking to my building, there was a significantly noticeable increase in glass and debris on the street. It looks like the building next to mine lost some of the new glass that had recently been put in.

Our place seems to have come through just fine. There were a few pieces of shingles in our yard this morning, but they look like they are from another house, since they are not the slate tiles from our roof. Our roof patch also appears to have held, as we had no water in our bedroom last night. It was quite the scary light, wind, and rain show last night. I used to love those, growing up, even before the hurricane. I do think the aftermath of the storm has changed that in me, as even afternoon thunderstorms have scared me in recent months. This one last night was absolutely petrifying. My heart was racing, and I was not in a good place about this storm. Thankfully my wife was thinking more clearly, and was able to get some candles going after the power went out, and to generally get me settled down. Just another casualty of Katrina I suppose.

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