Friday, January 20, 2006


Thank Goodness

This is great news. We need to get these flooded cars out of here! There have been a lot that were removed by the insurance carriers already, but there are thousands more that need to be removed that were uninsured, or just overlooked. They are filling city parking lots everywhere, including most of the spaces underneath the overpasses and interstates. It's not a good image to be presenting.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's administration said Thursday that it has taken a step forward in erasing another eyesore: Katrina cars.

Those mud-caked autos, cluttered under overpasses or askew on neutral grounds with their windows smashed, may be towed away soon, although a date has not been fixed. A contract for the removal of the vehicles has been signed with a Colorado firm already involved in bringing tens of thousands of trailers to the city, and the deal is expected to be finalized within two weeks, administrators said.

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