Monday, January 30, 2006


Sounds like a good idea, but.....

I don't know how offering them a "36-hour, all-expenses-paid trips to New Orleans" is going to be such a good idea in the aftermath of the Abramoff scandal. This passage is quite telling, though:

"It was a storm that was felt around the world," Milling said. "Yet, who would dream that 87 percent of the House of Representatives and 70 percent of the Senate haven't found time to visit the site of the largest catastrophe in the history of America?"

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I wrote my two senators and my congressman about if and when they were planning to visit. Still no word back. I guess they were too busy fillubustering.
Let's stop swriting congresspeople. It's a waste of time.
Louisiana can tax oil refined in the state at a dollar a barrel, and that would raise 985 million a year. Enough to bond our levees and coastal restoration.
We don't need them, they need us: taxing the oil they need will prove it.
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