Sunday, January 29, 2006


Quick Hits - Birthday Weekend Edition

Sorry, the news just piled up this weekend, while we cleaned our house and hosted some folks for the first time in a long time. On a trivial front, I'm more and more happy with the Saint's new coach, who has a great profile in the T-P today. I'm less and less happy with Coach Scott of the Hornets, and while I understand his motives, his comments are sure undermining ticket sales and support of the few games the Hornets will play here this year.

Two FEMA workers arrested on fraud, bribery charges

MSNBC: Post-Katrina promises largely unfulfilled. Federal recovery effort makes halting progress on the Gulf Coast

One of many articles about the Bush administration obstructing the Katrina investigation

Time magazine article regarding the resurgence of New Orleans gangs in Houston

Katrina may make filing taxes more difficult, lucrative

Interesting (short) article about some evacuees in SC still living in hotels even though they have leases for apartments

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