Saturday, January 14, 2006


Katrina by the numbers

Updated: 1/14/06

136 Days since landfall

9 visits by President Bush

5% Open public schools in New Orleans (Orelans Parish Schools)

24.6% Percentage of all mortgages 30+ days past due in LA, Q3 2005 (Mortgage Banker's Assn)

29% Open cultural attractions in New Orleans (LA Ofc of Cultural Recreation & Tourism 12/05)

32% Open retail food establishments in proportion to pre-Katrina (LA Restaurant Assn)

53% Percentage of major hospitals operating in Orleans, Jefferson & St. Bernard parishes (LA Hospital Association, 12/21/05)

77% & 75% Percentage of homes that have been restored Electric & Gas service (City of New Orleans, 12/28) *Note, many connections between the house and street remain broken and inspections must be performed before utilities can re-connect

1,576 Number of cruise ship cabins being occupied (FEMA LA Field office)

1,975 properties deemed "in imminent danger of collapse" and recommended for demolition

22,994 Number of travel trailers operational (FEMA LA field office)

37,424 Number of hotel units being occupied (FEMA LA field office)

46,103 Average daily vehicles on Huey P. Long bridge (LA DOTD, 11/05) *Note, pre-K levels were 32-39 k

96,797 Number of departing passengers from MSY Airport (New Orleans Aviation Board, 10/05)

97,538 Number of arriving passengers from MSY Airport (New Orleans Aviation Board, 10/05)

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