Sunday, January 08, 2006


Katrina bus tour

I've heard a lot of people saying how this is exploiting the tragedy, and it may well be. However, having walked the streets of the lower 9th ward myself, I can say that you can't truly understnad the scope of this tragedy without seeing it for yourself. No amount of pictures or video will communicate it.

"The elderly woman from New Orleans had no car but wanted to know what had become of her city. And the father from Los Angeles was worried about whether his daughter would be safe attending college here. All of them boarded a bus that meandered through the crumbling remains of New Orleans neighborhoods."

Full story here

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree--sure, I watch the television news, I could recognize city landmarks, etc., but photos and video really don't give you a sense of the scale of destruction.

Not that I think tragedy should be exploited, but I'm a little less angry about "disaster tours," just because that might be the only way to make people realize how much was destroyed.
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