Sunday, January 08, 2006


Evacuees threatened with eviction from hotels

I have to admit, I have some mixed feelings about this issue. I know they need a place to live, but I also know that many of them are simply not looking for housing. I have a number of friends currently living in hotels scattered across town, and with each extension of the FEMA deadline, they put off their search for housing. Wouldn't you? You could live in a hotel, the room is small, but it's cleaned for you everyday. The location is much better than your house used to be, and certainly than your new apartment will be. Oh, and it's free.

Meanwhile, you have businesses that are trying to serve tourists, dealmakers, conventioneers, and other people who would like to come and give their money to the businesses of this city and they are unable to find rooms to stay in. There are workers, who would like to come and aid in the reconstruction, yet they can't find rooms to stay in.

They are going to portray the hotels as the selfish ones, when I'm not so sure.

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