Thursday, January 26, 2006


Evacuees Behaving Badly

OKLAHOMA CITY Three Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans facing murder charges in a fatal shooting in Oklahoma City.Twenty-five-year-old Kendrick Simpson, 20-year-old Jonathan Dalton, and 31-year-old Latango Robertson are charged in Oklahoma County District Court with discharging a firearm with intent to kill.

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Well,let me just say that although I do not agree with what these young men may have done,you do not and can not even imagine what they have been through.I myself was dating Kendrick Simpson at the time of the shooting and was with him in the days after the shooting completely oblovious to anything that had or may have happened.Let me also say in his defense he is a very caring,loving,giving,and decent man.Took care of me when I really needed someone,and for that I thank him.He is an amazing individual who has been through an enormous amount of hurt and loss and grief and change and stress.So keep the state of one's being at the time after such a disaster in mind before you hang them out to dry or judge them and although I do not excuse nor could I possibly understand,I defend his soul,his heart,and his ability to love.
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