Monday, December 12, 2005


Quick Hits 12/12

Louisiana Releases Details on Deaths From Hurricane Katrina and Later Flooding
Nineteen bodies were found on the overpass where Interstates 610 and 10 split, where they were dumped or where people died while waiting to be rescued. Nearly 80 people died in pairs, found together in or near their houses. A vast majority of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent levee breaks in New Orleans died alone.

Bush attention wanders from Katrina as reconstruction lags

Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina Resettle Along a Racial Divide

Cleanup crews tackle Katrina's nasty leftovers

Fight over White House files for House investigation

Katrina stories by those who were there in Mississippi

Students from Houston, New Orleans break out in massive brawl

Some post-Katrina requests being questioned

South Carolina looking into company selling Katrina pins

Katrina triggering mental health crisis

Time and National Geographic have Katrina photo books

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