Thursday, December 15, 2005


Latest favorite editorial title

Even though it is a right-wing rant, rife with falsehood, get a load of this:

Katrina Killed Whitey

could you please tell me what is false about the rant?
Well, I guess rants are inherently opinion and true to the ranter. However, the rant does take a lot of liberty with the facts that are presented in the cut in from the Times-Picayune story.

Just because white people happened to perish at a higher per-capita rate than black people hardly means that white people were affected more or less than any other group. While I'm sure there is no good data on the demographics of people who were rescued from rooftops and people who were sheltered in the superdome, all of the allegorical evidence points to the fact that it likely affected the black community in a far greater manner.

The statistics of those who perished that were identified vs those who are unidentified is far more telling of the circumstances of death. In order to identify a person, they either had to be fortunate enough to have had their identification with them, or to have died in their residence. Those who are still unidentified likely perished outside of those areas, making the identification of the remains a much more challenging proposition. If the statisitics quoted in the story hold their weight, there are many more african-americans who are waiting to be identified than caucasians.

It is incredibly telling that only somebody who is not from New Orleans would have written such an editorial in the first place. There isn't anybody who has spent any length of time here recently, especially post-storm, that wouldn't cringe at the thought of trying to get into these games. The devistation of families and lives is present everyday on the faces of people walking down the street, standing in line with you, and working at your companies.
What I found funny was clicking his links to "race baiting" by Dems and Libs. They were like Ann Coulter's footnotes; race isn't even mentioned until the tenth link, and that's quoting the emails he claims to have received. I guess all Bush criticism is race baiting. Also, as a new blogger, it made wonder whather I was wasting time by trying to find links that were actually relevant to my posts.
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