Sunday, November 20, 2005


Quick Hits 11/20

Interesting stuff in here today.

Possible Katrina aid abuse in Jackson, MS. Lee Montgomery, the manager of a pawn shop in Jackson, said many people cashing relief checks at his business immediately bought jewelry, firearms, DVDs and electronics.

Allen Toussaint working his way back to New Orleans. I personally can't wait to hear this new project: The move has not slowed him down. In the weeks since Toussaint relocated to New York, he's become acquainted with Elvis Costello. Last week, they began recording an album together. Costello is following the lead of Paul McCartney, the late Robert Palmer and Paul Simon, all of whom have collaborated with Toussaint.

New Orleans family says that Massachusetts is like "heaven". They haven't been through winter yet.

New Orleans Streetcars damaged by Katrina. The Canal line cars are all totally destroyed, thankfully the St. Charles line cars are ok, needing only their power supplies to be replaced. I know I'm probably being a little impractical, but I do wish that they would start ticketing people for parking in the neutral ground. I hate driving down St. Charles and seeing all sorts of cars just parked on the tracks. They're almost as bad as those incessant little plastic signs everywhere (think election day, they're just like the political ones and they are at every major intersection).

Retailers adjust to post-Katrina reality

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