Saturday, November 12, 2005


Quick Hits 11/12

Coming at you from Houston, TX.

FEMA not making good on pledges to re-open no-bid contracts

Volunteers building Katrina housing on National Mall
Federal officials and members of Congress joined business leaders and private citizens in a Habitat for Humanity International project to frame 51 homes for shipment by Nov. 19 to hard-hit areas of the Gulf Coast.

Houston to get $101 Million for housing Katrina victims
It also comes as a group of landlords have issued a warning that thousands of Texas hurricane refugees could be evicted because money for rent from charities and the government is drying up

Katrina Aid slowed by government's reluctance to spend

NBA's Kevin Garnett donates $1.2M to hurricane relief

Hotel owner who housed Katrina Victims receives death threats

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