Friday, November 18, 2005


Effort to replace every musical instrument lost to Hurricane Katrina underway

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- U2 guitarist the Edge and rock producer Bob Ezrin are working to replace every musical instrument lost to Hurricane Katrina.

Gibson Guitars and Guitar Center have pledged to help MusicRising, the initiative to replace destroyed instruments and ensure the Gulf Coast's musical heritage lives on, reported.

"The idea that it would be just a place of history for music is awful to me," the Edge said.

"Coming from Dublin in the '70s, when music was something you had to search out, I'd never dreamed that somewhere like New Orleans could exist. Music was coming out of the walls. It seemed not just a form of escapism, but like it was weaved into everybody's life."

Gibson is creating a custom guitar that will be sold at Guitar Centers and the two companies have pledged a minimum $1 million from its sales to the effort, Ezrin said.

MusicRising will start by replacing instruments lost by professional musicians then expand to churches, marching bands and schools.

"It's clearly achievable," the Edge said. "Something should be done and not just because New Orleans deserves it, but because the world needs New Orleans."

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