Sunday, November 20, 2005


Battle of the Editorials

The Times-Picayune ran an editorial on the front page of the paper today, titled It's time for the nation to return the favor. It's a good read, if a little too over the top for my tastes.


Timothy M. Kusky is a professor of natural sciences at Saint Louis University, and he wrote a damaging editorial in the Boston Globe today. "Katrina (even before Rita) was a warning: New Orleans is sinking unbearably below sea level, and it's time to move to higher ground." Read his full article here. It also looks like he was scheduled to appear on 6o minutes tonight, but the State of Louisiana along with a lot of other actual coastal experts have written the show asking them to forgo the report as it is filled with inaccuracies. That story is here.

I wonder what Mr. Kusky would have to say about the fact that the city of St. Louis sits on the New Madrid fault line, and there's at least a 25% chance that it will be destroyed by the year 2040? Read more on that here.

Whatever. It's all getting to be a little bit much to take down here, where you just don't turn on the tv and you try not to read the news too much. I'm still hopeful for our fair city, but not nearly as much as I was a few weeks ago. We're losing our opportunity ya'll.

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