Tuesday, November 08, 2005


11/08 Quick Hits

Once I'm out of the 2nd circle of hell with my 2+ hour one way commute, my posts will have substance again. Until then, here's today's news summary:

Louisiana Attorney General probing floodwall collapses

Thousands of Katrina 911 calls went astray

Group marches across Greater New Orleans bridge to protest evacuees being turned around by police on the other side

Lawmakers propose the "Elimination of Barriers for Katrina Victims Act" Might be a good bill, but EBKVA isn't a good acronym.

Mayor Nagin outlines New Orleans recovery plan

Mississippi lawmaker focused on Katrina recovery (70% of the homes in his district were rendered uninhabitable by the storm)

Hurricane Katrina survivor (profiteer) releases book, "Katrina...In the aftermath of a killer"

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