Tuesday, October 25, 2005


New Orleans coming back to life

I just talked to a friend who is in New Orleans to meet with their contractor and they said that while their neighborhood still looks like a disaster zone, that much of uptown is already back in business. They had dinner at Kyoto and lunch at the Creole Creamery, and said that most of Magazine street looks like it did before the storm.

I'm reading more about this online, such as this story which focuses on business coming back to New Orleans. A movie filming is starting with Jerry Bruckheimer as the producer and Denzel Washington as the star. The Windsor Court is open again, so that is likely where they are staying for those star-gazers out there.

Cafe du Monde is also open, which had been confirmed by my parents this weekend.

Let me know of what other businesses you know are open again, I'll of course do some more research upon my return to the city next week.

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