Monday, October 03, 2005


The list of 17 names is released

Nagin announced the initiative, called “Bring New Orleans Back,” during a press conference this afternoon at the downtown Sheraton Hotel. The mayor named Mel Lagarde, CEO of hospital owner HCA's Delta Division, and Barbara Major, executive director of Saint Thomas Health Clinic, to co-chair the commission charged with planning the rebuilding and reinvigoration of the city following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina a month ago. The group's mission is to work with the mayor to create a master plan by the end of the year that "rebuilds New Orleans culturally, socially, economically and uniquely for every citizen."

The other members of the commission are: Bollinger Shipyard Inc. CEO Boysie Bollinger; attorney Kim Boyle; attorney Cesar Burgos; commercial real estate developer and First Bank & Trust Co. founder Joe Canizaro; Tulane University President Scott Cowen; New Orleans Archbishop Alfred Hughes; Rev. Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church; musician and Lincoln Center Jazz Program Director Wynton Marsalis; Liberty Bank Chairman and CEO Alden McDonald; Entergy New Orleans CEO Dan Packer; EBONetworks LLC President and CEO Anthony Patton; businessman and former regional transit authority CEO Jimmy Reiss; Crescent Bank & Trust founder/president Gary Solomon; New Orleans City Councilman Oliver Thomas; and businessman and mayoral aide David White

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