Thursday, September 29, 2005


Taking a train from Baton Rouge to New Orleans?

Wouldn't this be a good idea? I mean, it's almost like mass transit, which we've had almost none of for years!

The initial plan involves running two commuter trains per day between the two cities, starting at the Kansas City Southern rail depot near Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge and running to the Union Passenger Terminal in downtown New Orleans, Allen said.Hurricanes Katrina and Rita damaged some of the track that runs across the LaBranche Wetlands in St. Charles Parish, but railroad officials say repairs should be finished soon.The group making the proposal includes Regional Transit Authority of New Orleans, Amtrak, the Capital Area Transit System, which operates the bus system in Baton Rouge, the KCS Railroad, the DOTD and Amtrak. RTA spokeswoman Rosiland Blanco Cook said the agency is "very interested" in the concept and has been holding discussions with all parties.

full story here

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