Saturday, September 03, 2005


Saints news and thoughts.

I've been thinking about this one for a while, glad somebody else brought it up first...!sports!punch&s=1045855935482

Financial support for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is building. No doubt, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson will provide a donation, in addition to the $1 million the NFL is contributing through the American Red Cross.
Benson is known for his charitable deeds in New Orleans, and now, more than ever, Benson needs to make the most sweeping gesture he ever has made as a benefactor and businessman.
He needs to write a check to the state of Louisiana for $12,415,267.53. That is the amount the state gave Benson and the Saints on July 6. It was the state's annual payment on the 10-year, $186 million deal the state made with Benson in 2002 in order to keep the Saints from leaving Louisiana.

--A different post, and this is mostly rumor, but still troubling....

from nola.comSaints to move? By Robert Travis Scott Capital bureau New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is leaning strongly toward moving the Saints permanently to San Antonio following the devastation to the city and the Superdome by Hurricane Katrina, a state senator who has spoken with a top team official said Saturday. Sen. Mike Michot, R-Lafayette, said he spoke with Saints’ chief of administration Arnold Fielkow by phone Friday morning about Benson’s potential plans.

I live in San Antonio, No word on the news here of anything like that happening.
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