Sunday, September 04, 2005


Saints need to have faith, too

Author: Steve Sabludowsky 9/3/2005

“You gotta get faith”

You bet.

That’s the slogan of this year’s rendition of the New Orleans Saints. However, based upon recent statements by Senator Michael Michot quoted in a news story by Robert Scott of the Times Picayune, the New Orleans Saints might be considering making a permanent move to San Antonio.

Due to the hurricane, the Saints will not play in New Orleans.

Michot, is the vice-chairman of the Louisiana Senate Commerce Committee, a key committee for legislation related to state agreement with the Saints.

Benson might have lead over Governor Blanco at this point. However, he runs the risk of the New Orleans area who has incurred the embarrassments of terrible teams under Benson and his owner predecessors feeling totally kicked while they are down already licking their wounds from the worse natural catastrophe in American history.

Benson will need to make a decision whether he wants to be a community player. He wanted ticket buyers to have faith in him and his team so we would buy his NFL tickets. Should he decide to leave, especially at this time that the world is coming to the aid of the region in a incredible show of giving, he is proving he has no faith and that slogan sounds like a sham. Under these circumstances, should Benson go west, don’t be surprised if consumers retaliate and ultimately boycott whatever dealerships he might decide to maintain in the area--in total outrage of black, gold and black and blue.

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