Sunday, September 04, 2005


People are reaching out across the country

From one of my former colleages...

went home yesterday and there was a voicemail from my pastor inviting me to a special deacons' meeting at the church scheduled for this am. I went, and we voted on the use of our church's youth camp facility located about 50 miles south of metro-Jax to begin taking in displaced families from New Orleans. We are going to take in about 30 families through this facility that would be vacant until next summer. Our church just had the "barrack-style housing" air-conditioned this summer. We have commitees formed to get new sheets, linens, etc to make things a little like "home." We believe that our church can raise about $100 per week per person to initially get them fed, clothed, and transitioned into meaningful work in the Jacksonville area.

Our pastor has already made contact with the North Florida Builders Association, and they will put 100 to work next week in the building trades of the metro-Jax area and provide the transportation to and from our "housing" of these people. We have put two of our church's staff members in charge of coordination of short-term needs and then transfer to longer-term re-integration back to self-sufficiency.

Our Bible college that our church operates and our Christian school will also help to make sure the educational requirements of the children gets met as well through the use of education majors who will get to intern to meet that need as well.

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