Friday, September 23, 2005


New estimate on destroyed cars in New Orleans: 350,000

CityBusiness staff report September 23, 2005 7:36 AM NEW ORLEANS

With recovery from Hurricane Katrina now in its fourth week, the number of destroyed vehicles has now climbed to nearly 350,000. It will take at least five months to haul all vehicles to staging areas where parts will be removed, said Charles Brown, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality assistant secretary for environmental services.

As of Tuesday, about 20,000 vehicles had been taken to three staging areas inNew Orleans: the Municipal Auditorium, the Fairgrounds and Lakeside Mall. In addition, the state is eyeing three sites, each more than 400 acres, in Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes. At the staging areas, Louisiana State Police and insurance companies will collect the vehicle identification numbers, which will be posted on Web sites to inform consumers. Flooded cars must be stripped of environmentally sensitive parts must be removed. In addition, there are 50,000 boats left in strange places, such as in the middle of the median on Claiborne Avenue near Napoleon, a once busy intersection of four-lane traffic arteries.

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