Friday, September 09, 2005


National Guard soldiers returning home to LA

9:51 A.M. - BANGOR, MN (AP): The 256th Brigade Combat Team lost 35 members in Iraq. Now it's time to see what's left back home in Louisiana.
The first planeload of 100 weary Louisiana National Guardsmen has landed in Maine on the way back from Iraq. Now they face the task of finding families scattered by Hurricane Katrina.
At Bangor airport, elderly members of a U.S. veterans group waved flags and offered the soldiers cellphones and chocolate chip cookies.
While some say it's good to be back, the storm meant a total loss for Specialist Nathan Faust of Chalmette, Louisiana. His family home is flooded and so is his fiancee's. Says Faust, "everyone's homeless. I want to move out of the city and start over someplace else."

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