Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Must read for Saints and Deuce fans

McAllister stopped to speak to a young man in a black Yankees cap who was helping soldiers load a motionless man onto a stretcher. "I'm just trying to get my grandpa up out of here," he said to McAllister. Then, he quickly added, "Hey, did y'all win that Raider game?"
Smiling, McAllister told him the Saints had lost. "Hey, that's OK," the man replied. "We're going to the Bowl."


"I got a text message earlier," he said softly. "I don't even know who sent it, but I want you to read it." He handed me his cell phone and showed me the message: "Hope your family's safe. You guys have the chance to raise a lot of devastated people's spirits, put 'em on your back. Y'all can carry us home."

Many thanks to BigShot for the link.

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