Monday, September 12, 2005


Levee Repair Leaking on London Canal -

Reports of a leak in a levee repair in the London Avenue Canal Monday afternoon caused an increase in chatter on emergency radio frequencies throughout New Orleans, but U.S. Corps of Engineers workers said the overtopped levee was minor and should have little impact on the flooded city.According to an Army Corps of Engineers official who declined to be named because of Corps media regulations, one of the original breaches in the London Avenue Canal that caused massive flooding across parts of New Orleans in the wake if Hurricane Katrina began leaking again Monday. He said the spilling occurred not because of a failure in the repair but because a pump was activated at the London Avenue Pumping Station No. 3, causing water in the canal to rise and overtop the repaired section. The pump was shut off until the levee could be shored further, he said.The ripple of alarm prompted rescue workers from San Diego, stationed along the Washington Avenue drainage canal to mark the water line with spray paint, checking for fast-rising water."We're marking the water level to see if it's coming up, because if it is we're going to leave," said Perry Peake, spokesman for California Task Force 8.There was no noticable increase in the water level.

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