Friday, September 09, 2005


Katrina by the numbers -

24,464 National Guard soldiers and airmen are conducting operations in 13 Louisiana parishes.- They have helped evacuate 238 critical patients in the last four days, including 34 in the past 24 hours.- More than 130,000 Louisiana residents applied for a total of $55 million in emergency food-stamp benefits in the one-week period from Sept. 2-9.- About 240 shelters in Louisiana operated by the state, the American Red Cross and other non-profit groups are hosting more than 54,000 people displaced by the storm. Another 659 people are being housed in special-needs shelters.- As of Thursday, the state Department of Labor had collected 105,000 unemployment claims from Louisiana residents who lost their jobs because of Katrina.- Preliminary estimates indicate a potential $1.3 billion loss in retail fisheries revenue over the next year due to Katrina.- A total of 229 people have been arrested and detained at the "Camp Greyhound" temporary detention center in New Orleans.

Katrinaville home to Hurricane Katrina refugees and survivors alike in the United States of America. The President of Katrinaville is none other than George Bush who in his wisdom has allowed the people to starve and has brought shame upon the worlds once greatest nation. He can take care of the people in Iraq. But when it comes to his own he is without a doubt clueless in his inability to bring to this nation a sense of peace. When he himself has only crusade in mind.
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