Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Japanese Mafia Responsible for Hurricane Katrina?

I saw a guy downtown in Chicago holding a sign saying that a Russian-made weather controlling machine was responsible for the storms, and then later in the same day I see this on the internet?

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho weatherman says Japan's Yakuza mafia used a Russian-made electromagnetic generator to cause Hurricane Katrina in a bid to avenge itself for the Hiroshima atom bomb attack — and that this technology will soon be wielded again to hit another U.S. city.

Please note that the link from USAToday includes "Wacky Weatherman" in the title. The full story is here.

Here's a link to the Idaho weatherman's official site, which is pretty bizzare in and of itself. This is my favorite passage from his Hurricane Katrina post:

"Ivan and Katrina

These are both very Russian sounding names. It has been established that the former Soviet Union (fSU) developed and boasted of weather modification technology during the 1960's and 70's with deployment against the United States coming in 1976 with the audible arrival of the woodpecker grid. These weather operations continue to this day. "

But wait, there's more.

Another story on includes testimony from Max Mayfield, the director of the National Hurricane Center where he states that there will be increased activity for the next 10-20 years or so. I've heard this for a while, that storms go in cycles, having to do with the warming and cooling of the Pacific vs the Atlantic. What I thought was interesting was this quote from the article:

"Max Mayfield told a congressional panel that he believes the Atlantic Ocean is in a cycle of increased hurricane activity that parallels an increase that started in the 1940s and ended in the 1960s.

The ensuing lull lasted until 1995, then “it’s like somebody threw a switch,” Mayfield said. The number and power of hurricanes increased dramatically."

Coincidence? I don't know. I think I'll have another cookie.

And another thing, why are hurricane experts always housed in the central or western part of the country? I've never understood that. It's not like there are a lot of earthquake experts in New Orleans.

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