Saturday, September 03, 2005


I'm not the only one thinking that New Orleans could be bigger and better...


"Out of nostalgia, do you want to put a shotgun shack back there where it floods all the time or say, 'Is there a better way?'" said David Schulz, director of the Infrastructure Technology Institute at Northwestern University. "In a very perverse way, this represents a significant opportunity for New Orleans."Schulz sees wide-scale redevelopment as a chance to raise New Orleans out of poverty and attract new business to the region. He suggested a new local communications system based on broadband wireless, rather than traditional phone and cable lines. He envisions running fiber-optic cables to support new "knowledge-based" businesses as an alternative to the tourism, port and petrochemical industries that have long sustained the local economy."Imagine a city 287 years old transformed using 21st century technology," he said.

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