Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I don't know who this is, but I like them. (via

1:26 P.M. - Dr. Brobson Lutz: When President Bush came to Jackson Square, that place looked spotless. So it seems that wherever the President goes, that area gets cleaned up real nice; so he has to come to New Orleans as often as possible.
1:24 P.M. - Lutz: In order for people to come back to stay, we need more of an infrastructure. There’s no way 180,000 people can come back to this city now. Of course, rumors were spread that people shouldn’t come back because of toxic water – that’s misinformation which our elected officials spread to the public through the media. People shouldn’t be coming here, but not because of any risk of disease. There’s just not enough hospitals, no infrastructure and not enough gasoline.
1:22 P.M. - Lutz: The clinics that are working are the ones out on the street; the ones people can see and access easily.

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