Monday, September 05, 2005


Harry Lee: Don't try to be Rambo, I am. via

9:10 A.M. - JP Sheriff Harry Lee: Worried about people coming back armed because they heard of isolated incidents in Orleans. Don't come back and try to be "Rambo" to protect your home, that's my job.
9:05 A.M. - Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee: It looks like the people coming back into Jefferson Parish is going smoothly. However, my personal recommendation was to not let people back until the power was back on, but I understand people's anxiety to see their home.
9:04 A.M. - Lee: If anyone's car stalls in the roadway during this return, we will remove it by any means we can and it may get damaged, but we can't delay those trucks.
9:04 A.M. - Lee: We will enforce the dusk to dawn curfew.

And don't mess with his movies.
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