Saturday, September 03, 2005


Great read - A sportswriter's memories of New Orleans

The greatest week of my life happened in New Orleans.

I'm not saying it was the best week, the wildest, the most rewarding, even the most entertaining. But things kept happening and happening. I witnessed my most exciting sporting event up to that point. Watched my favorite band perform three songs. Probably downed 100 drinks and smoked about 200 cigarettes. Gambled until the wee hours every night. Nearly got dumped by my fiancée. Wrote the single best column of my life. Had the most memorable drinking night of my life. Tapped the full potential of an Internet column in every respect, for better and worse. Even had my life threatened a few times.

If Bill Simmons can still only think about Bourbon Street and New Orleans as a frat house, then he still doesn't get it. He is so narcissistic it makes me sick.
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