Saturday, September 03, 2005


for Chase/Bank One customers - info on accounts

From a friend of mine who works with them...

For those of you with Consumer Bank One/ Chaseaccounts that were affected by Katrina, you need tocall the 877-226-5663 number and ask to have all billswith the bank deferred for 90 days and to have yourmail rerouted to whatever address you will be using.For all business owners with Chase/Bank One you needto call 1-800-chase38 and they can do the same foryour business accounts/ loans. I don't have access toany systems until Monday since I am in corporatehousing currently. Also Texas will go through theirbig merger on September 19th when the two companiesbecome one. I have limited acess to the systems untilthat happens, so the 877# and 800# are probably yourbest bet in the mean time.

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