Monday, September 26, 2005


Ever wanted to talk to Brian Wilson?

Just donate $100 to hurricane relief through his website:

Beach Boy Wilson dials up donations to help New Orleans
''Iowa Jim'' was suspicious. Was Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson really putting messages on his official Web site urging people to contribute to Katrina relief efforts?
The Web surfer using that screen name e-mailed a challenge: If Wilson called and proved it was really him, Jim would gladly donate $100.
''So I called him up!'' a jovial Wilson told the Associated Press. ''I was surprised that he said he didn't think I was involved because I really was. So I called him up.''
Then Wilson and his wife, Melinda, got another brainstorm. Why not have the legend behind such musical standards as ''Good Vibrations,'' ''California Girls'' and ''Surfin' '' call everyone who donates $100 or more? And he decided to match any contribution of $100 or more posted through his Web site by Oct. 1.

more here, about halfway down the page

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