Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Doug Thornton - area Manger for SMG group on Dome

10:11 A.M. - Doug Thornton: Assessment to be made whether dome can be rebuilt, restored or torn down, but premature to say it has to go. Decision on dome is weeks away.
10:10 A.M. - Thornton: Valid to ask if dome should be reopened since it was site of so much death. Thornton says many good memories also in dome.
10:10 A.M. - Doug Thornton, Superdome: Premature to say the dome can't be saved.
10:09 A.M. - Thornton: Majority of damage to dome is from roof problems, but some damage from evacuees. Water pressure loss caused inability to flush toilets, causing major problems, concourses in bad condition. Water is on the field.
10:08 A.M. - Thornton: The field is absolutely ruined.
10:07 A.M. - Thornton: Hazardous waste crews to come in first to make it safe and sanitary, before anything else can be done.
10:06 A.M. - Thornton: New Orleans Arena could be back in service by five-six months.

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