Sunday, September 04, 2005


Bourbon Street rolls on

4:11 A.M. - (AP) The flashing blues of police vehicles, the headlights of rumbling military trucks and an occasional flashlight or cigarette glow are the only night lights on Bourbon Street. But some locals stay on anyway.
As 29-year-old Ride Hamilton puts it, "This is our neighborhood, this is home." He's turned his French Quarter home into a mini-warehouse of supplies for his neighbors. He said he accumulated the goods at local stores, "trying to get it before somebody else does."
Johnny White's Sports Bar, which has no doors and, according to locals, never closes, has become a gathering place. At times, there has been gunfire.
Bartender Deidre Rick serves drinks and jokes, "I'm finally on the diet I wanted to go on."

Hey this is Deidre, and I think that I acually gained more weight after the hurricane than anything. I too much food around!!!!
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