Monday, August 29, 2005


Taking a break - post news in comments

I've got to get out of this hotel room for a while, it's been 8 straight hours of watching tv and I think I'm gonna break my brain if I don't get out for a while. Please post any new news or anything that is of interest in comments, I'll be back later this afternoon.

Check out for info about returning to New Orleans...
It's a beautiful day in Chicago. Clear and 79 degrees at 3pm. The levees are holding.
"European shares perked up on Monday to shrug off five straight sessions of losses as a buoyant energy sector made gains after Hurricane Katrina caused chaos in the Gulf of Mexico, sending oil prices to record highs...."
And we just keep on buying those gas-guzzling SUVs....
Mayor Nagin: "200 trapped on Ninth Ward rooftops; many bodies floating in Bywater"
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