Monday, August 29, 2005


Superdome Integrity

CNN is reporting some roof problems in the Superdome. The latest statewide press conference reports osme leaking, but the strucure is sound. The damages are minor according to state officials.

Update 12:12 PM EDT: CNN Reports from outside the superdome that the membrane that stretches across the roof to help protect it from rain is mostly gone, lots of it is hanging off of the building. Water levels around the building are reportedly receeding which would be a very positive sign regarding the integrity of the pumping structures. Hopefully, I'm accurate in that thought.

Update 10:26 EDT: Brian Williams of MSNBC is in the Superdome, reporting two holes about 7 feet by 7 feet. They are small compared to the size of the dome, and evacuees are moving to other areas in a rather orderly fashion. Brian Williams has reported a "tremendous boom" on the roof, that the wind is shifting and approaching the dome from another direction. Great coverage on MSNBC.

Update 10:17 EDT:

Ed Reams of CNN affiliate WDSU reported that the structure has begun leaking as the winds damaged the roof letting daylight and rainwater in the darkened arena.
"I can see daylight straight up from inside the Superdome," Reams reported.
National Guard troops moved people to the other side of the dome. Others were moving beneath the concrete-reinforced terrace level.

holes in roof:

ESPN report of roof holes...
Brian Williams is doing a good job of describing what he's saying. Earlier, CNN had some guy (I assume Ed Reams) say that 1/12 of the roof had flown off. Obviously 100 square feet is nowhere close to 1/12 of that roof.
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