Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Open topic - Off to Jackson, MS

We're on our way to Jackson, then Lockport. Please post any new news under comments here, and email me if you'd like to have posting rights, and I'll add you when I have internet access.

See you all back in New Orleans soon,

Jude & Karen

Be safe guys... keep us updated.
FoxNews just reported that they declared martial law....

looters way out of hand
ummm somebody just jumped from top row in superdome and killed himself....

"he was acting normal playing dominoes and then he up and jumped, just have lost"
Hey Karen it's Gina safe in Sulphur Anyone heard anything about mid city/bayou st. johN.
here's a long video of a flyover by heli....


pretty sure the lower right hand side is Deanie's?

hope the crawfish stuffing balls don't go bad....

Deanie's Flooded

other large photos here:

More high def photos
doh! ted's frostop hit!

Ted's goes down
Gina, here's the info so far on bayou st. john from the nola.com townhall:

"My brother checked my parents' home on Wilson (lake side of Dumaine) this afternoon. There was no flooding. But later the bayou overflowed, but I understand that water pooled closer to Orleans and Bienville. So my guess is no if you live on the Taft that is on the lake side of Dumaine."

"I have a relative who lives on Maurepas close to the old Whole Foods. When I last talked to him this afternoon, he said water was up to the first step to his porch, but had stopped rising. He was able to walk the neighborhood and said there was moderate wind damage to homes and businesses."

Jude and Karen,
Glad to hear you are both safe. Melissa and I made it to Baton Rouge Sunday in the early AM. A friend of mine got word that Uptown could be fairly in tact.

Jeff and Melissa
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